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Agapé's Mission

Dear Mommy,

Hi mommy, it’s your baby boy E.T. I miss your smile, your voice, your laugh, but most importantly your aura. You had an uncanny ability to light any room you walked into. You inspired many in your short time here with us. I was fifteeen when God called you home. I hated him for that; it made absolutely no sense! May 23, 2011 was the darkest day of my life. I remember the still air when we got the call that you lost your battle with breast cancer. I had no idea why I felt so numb or empty. You were my North Star, but you shined no more. Each year, two hundred seventy- six thousand four hundred eighty women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Of that two hundred seventy six thousand about forty two thousand one hundred seventy women will lose their battle to breast cancer. That’s potentially forty two thousand mothers being taken away from their families leaving thousands of kids behind who feel exactly like I do. You were supposed to see me graduate college. The thought of you not being at my wedding or holding your grandchildren is gut wrenching. It is not fair that you do not get the chance to see me become a man. At fifteen I had no idea how I would continue my journey through life without you; without my North Star. Who is going to set my dentist appointments? Who do I go to when the world makes zero sense? Most importantly, who do i go to when I feel like giving up? At twenty- five I now know that you took care of everything before you were called home. You entrusted people you loved to always look out for your babies and they never wavered. At twenty- five I’ve never felt closer to you. I now understand that we are on earth to blaze a trail that may inspire others. Now that you are gone my greatest fear is no longer losing you but forgetting you. The thought of forgetting your voice, smile, and laugh is nauseating. Nevertheless, I rest assured knowing your aura is too great to ever leave us. Throughout history, we have created numerous memorials for the greats that have traveled before us with hope they live on forever and never be forgotten. Because of this, I’ve created Agape´. A brand that will ensure the name Sephora Patrick lives on forever. Agape´ is made up of everything good that creates your aura. Selfless love; the very same love God has for the church and the church of God. Blazing a trail that may inspire others. Most importantly, Agape´ will support a charity that helps breast cancer survivors love their bodies and selves again. Many family and friends ask what is Agape´? I can now say, Agape´ is you. Agape´ is love.


Sincerely, Agape´ Pacino